Hose Station Service


Pick Replaces Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

variable flow steam injection heaterMidwestern meat processing plant struggled to maintain hot water supply for hose station service using a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The customer experienced poor response to heat load changes and poor temperature control as water demand fluctuated throughout the day. Cumbersome periodic maintenance was time consuming. The customer faced inherent heat exchanger problems unless a change could be justified by a payback in energy savings.



The Solution:


Pick Model 6X25 Variable Flow Steam Injection Heater

The customer received approval to purchase the Pick system based on a computer generated energy comparison showing a 14.5% energy savings in steam consumption. A pay back of 18 months was estimated based on fuel cost.


The Pick Heater solved operational problems by providing accurate temperature control, an immediate response to heat load changes and an ample supply of hot water on demand.



Features and Benefits:


• Instantaneous Response to Hot Water Demand

• Precise Temperature Control

• Efficient Use of Steam Energy

• Unmatched Turndown Capability



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