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Direct Steam Injection Water/Liquid Heaters

Pick offers two standard models of steam injection water/liquid heaters - for constant or variable water flow rate demand.


Our Direct Steam Injection Heaters are delivered as a complete, compact system including all piping, valves and controls.  They can be easily customized to meet your plant specifications.


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  • Constant Demand

    The Pick Constant Flow Heater is used wherever a relatively constant flow of heated liquid at a precisely controlled temperature is required.


    It is ideal when the flow rate is fixed or varies over a narrow span (3:1), or where variations in flow are gradual and on/off cycling does not occur.


    Typical Applications Include:
    • CIP
    • Pasteurizers
    • Jacketed Kettles
    • Tank Filling
    • Tank Car Heating/ Washing
    • Slurries
    • Green Liquor Heating
    • Felt Showers
    • Boiler Feed Water
    • Reactor Vessels
    • Centrifuge or Filter Back Flush
    • Tempered Water
    • Retorts
    • Extruders
    • Sterilization
    • Liquid-to-Liquid Mixing
    • Condensate Mixing
    • Resin Bed Regeneration
  • Variable Demand

    The Pick Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater is designed to deliver hot water at a precisely controlled temperature over a wide range of water flows. It will also reliably supply hot water for applications with frequent start-stop cycles, such as hose stations.


    The Pick Variable Flow Heater is ideal as a central utility heating system for multiple use points such as wash-down stations, and plant sanitation.


    Typical Applications Include:
    • Multiple Hose Stations
    • Plant Sanitation
    • Can Topping
    • Can Washing
    • Filter Back Flush
    • Freezer Belt Defrosting
    • Laundries
    • Industrial Process Water


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