Direct Steam Injection
Liquid Heating Systems

Steam Injection Heaters for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp and Paper application solutions from Pick Heaters.The Paper Industry finds that Pick Direct Steam Injection heating systems consistently provide creative solutions to process heating requirements. The Pick Heater provides low velocity, low noise level and low maintenance design.


Pick Heaters, Inc. is known for their fast response to the customers' needs and unmatched on site support, both before and after heater installation.


Application Solutions include:


  • Paper Machine Showers
  • Felt Showers
  • Pulper Filling
  • Green Liquor Heating
  • Brown Stock Washing
  • Lime Mud Filter Showers
  • Filter Back Flush
  • Starch Cooking
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Mill Water Application
  • Backwashing Starch Filters Application
  • Desuperheating Steam


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