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Steam Injection for Food Processing

Pick Heaters for the food industryThe Food Industry's special challenges are perfect for Pick Direct Steam Injection. Throughout the food plant, from process heating to plant sanitation, Pick provides instant, unlimited hot water at a precise temperature.


When compared to indirect heat exchangers, Pick can cut energy costs up to 28%.

Pick's 3-A Sanitary Heater is a proven performer, too. Heat, cook or sterilize water or slurry-type products in-line with a non-shearing action.


Application Solutions include:


  • Plant Clean Up and Sanitation
  • Heating Jacketed Kettles
  • In-Line Cooking
  • Clean-In-Place
  • Pasteurizing
  • Can Topping
  • Freezer Defrosting
  • Nitrogen Injection
  • Confectionery/Starch Cooking
  • Pet Food Application
  • Make-up Water for Belt Pasteurizer Application
  • Tallow Heating Application
  • Pickle Pasteurizer Application
  • Pasteurization of Soy Milk and CIP Application
  • Atmospheric Retort Application
  • Meat and Poultry Scalder Application
  • Corn Grain Cooking Application
  • Bakery Pan Cleaning Application
  • Gelatin Candy Application
  • Starch Slurry Jet Cooker Application


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