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Volume 5, Issue 1

• Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection Systems

• Hose Station Service - Pick Replaces Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

• Gelatin & Starch Based Candy Cooking

• Pasteurizing with Direct Steam Injection

• Package your Indirect Heating Equipment with Pick Custom Design (PCD)

• Pick Heaters partners with VertMarkets, Inc.



Volume 4, Issue 1

• TAPPI Paper Summit Is Good Time To Showcase Pick Heater

• Pick Remedies Filter Wash Problems

• The Pick Model BX Heater

• Pick News Briefs



Volume 3, Issue 2

• Pick’s Pilot Scale Sanitary Cooker

• Pick Improves Boiler Performance

• Pick Rep News Briefs

• Atmospheric Retort No Problem for Pick

• Pick Heaters Exhibits at ACHEMA 2003



Volume 3, Issue 1

• Pick Heater Provides Solution For Hazardous Situation

• Bio-Kill System Automates Pharmaceutical Process

• Pick Representative Wins National Achievement Award

• Pick Sanitary Heater Gets Cookin’

• Pick Heaters Participates in WMU Opening




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