Make-Up Water For Belt Pasteurizer

Constant Flow Steam Injection HeaterA seafood processor required hot water supply for aseptic pasteurization of artificial crab product. The product, sealed in plastic bags, passed through a three-stage belt pasteurizer, the first stage requiring hot water held at 205º F, heated by internal steam coils. The packets then go through two chilling sections before refrigeration and boxing.


A heating system was required to heat the cold make-up water supplied to the system as water is lost through evaporation, spills and carryover. Maintaining a minimum pasteurization temperature was critical to the process.




The Solution:


Pick Model 6X10-3 Constant Flow Steam Injection Heater, cast iron construction with threaded fittings. The Pick system provides accurate temperature control and quickly reaches set point as soon as make-up water is called for.



Features and Benefits:


• Precise Temperature Control

• Instantaneous Supply of Hot Water

• Ease of Installation on Existing System


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