Lime Mud Pre-Coat Filter Showers


Pick Direct Steam Injection Constant Flow HeaterA pulp mill located in Southern Georgia required 140°F wash water for the lime mud pre-coat filter. Located in the recausticizing area, the filter washes and dewaters lime prior to the lime kiln. The wash water provides both an efficient dilution wash of lime mud as well as serving to keep the filter clean, improving drainage. The customer replaced a venturi style heater for two main reasons: severe hammer to filter system piping and wide swings in discharge temperature.



The Solution:


Pick Direct Steam Injection 6X150-3 Constant Flow Heater

316 stainless steel construction

Normal liquid outlet assembly was deleted for easy installation and direct replacement within piping area of venturi heater.



Features and Benefits:


• Smooth, Stable Operation

• Precise Temperature Control

• Low Mechanical Shear

• Compact Design

• Complete Absorption of Steam within Heater Body


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