Hose Stations for Sanitation

variable flow steam injection heaterA large meat packing plant repeatedly ran out of hot water. A 6,000 gallon storage tank served by a gas-fired water heater simply could not meet the peak hot water demand for hot water for all 32 hose stations simultaneously.


Plant engineers had two options available to solve the problem: install an even larger storage tank and hot water heater, or find an alternative method of supplying hot water.




The Solution:


Pick Variable Flow Steam Injection Heater Model 6X75

The Pick system delivers an unlimited supply of hot water at the precise temperature regardless of the number of stations in use at any one time. It eliminates the need for a storage tank, delivers hot water instantly, contains dual override temperature controls to minimize the possibility of overheated water, and it is so compact it can be mounted on a wall.



Features and Benefits:


• Safe- No Operator Adjustments at Use Point

• Instantaneous Response to Various Hot Water Demands

• Precise Temperature Control

• No Extra Storage Necessary


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