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Custom heat/cool systemA chemical processor required a heat/cool system for a 3000 gallon jacketed reactor. A tempered water system was specified over steam to achieve precise temperature control and smooth transition from heating to cooling modes. Use of a steam injection heater was originally considered but later ruled out due to near equilibrium of steam pressure and system pressure required to achieve maximum water temperature of 155ºC (311ºF).


The Solution:


Equilibrium of steam and system back pressure stipulated use of an indirect heat exchanger. A packaged system was designed utilizing a shell & tube exchanger for heating and plate exchanger for cooling. Other major components included an ANSI recirculation pump and control valves fitted with digital positioners to interface with customer’s DCS.



Features and Benefits:


• Precisely Controlled Heating and Cooling

• Easy Heat/Cool Transition

• Total System Design Capability and Responsibility


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