Bakery Pan Cleaning

constant flow steam injection heaterA bakery looked to speed up pan cleaning - tank operation. They wanted to fill a 100-gallon tank of water, used for pan cleaning, at 190°F using city water at 50°F.



The Solution:


Pick Direct Steam Injection Model 6X7-3 Constant Flow Heater with a nominal 700 lb/hr steam capacity and standard non-indicating pneumatic temperature controller.


Similar applications for this market include:

- Constant flow heater with boost pump for pan cleaning. Boosts pressure to pan cleaning line from normal 60 PSIG to 1500 PSIG. The use of higher water temperature along with higher water pressure should effectively and quickly clean their pans.

- Jacketed heating of sugar glazes in a kettle with a hot water set and using the hot water set to provide hot water to a spray ball cleaning that same kettle in the evening.



Features and Benefits:


• Compact size

• On demand hot water at a uniform temperature

• Exceptional cost savings


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