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- 5 Reasons to Replace Tank Spargers with In-Line Direct Steam Injection Heaters
Tank spargers are plagued by a number of issues, including energy inefficiencies, steam hammer, poor temperature control, and damage to the tank or equipment.  A better solution exists: The Pick In-Line Direct Steam Injection Heater is a direct, in-line steam injection heating device that instantly heats liquids with one hundred percent efficiency, eliminates steam hammer and offers exceptional temperature control.

- Meet Your New R&D Partner - Your Equipment Manufacturer by Michael Campbell

Article covers how equipment manufacturers are assisting food companies improve their processes and products.


- Product Improvements with Pick Heaters by Michael Campbell

This article covers how a customer working with Pick Heaters was able to improve on their product and process.


- Direct Steam Injection Hot Water Systems For Jacketed Heating by Phil Sutter

This article takes an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of steam and hot water for jacketed heating, and compares indirect and direct steam injection systems for making hot water.


- The Price of Safety in Plant Sanitation by Mark Brueggemann
Article covering some of the key issues facing the food industry today.


- Producing Hot Water by Direct Steam Injection by Phil Sutter

Article featured in CEP (Chemical Engineering Progress) May 2010 issue, is an overview of DSI equipment to help select the appropriate system for various applications.


Special Reports and eHandbooks Sponsored by Pick Heaters:

- Chemical Processing's Steam eHandbook: Put Steam Into Your Efforts: Sponsored by Pick Heaters and Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.
This Chemical Processing eHandbook will help you avoid costly steam mistakes.
- Food Processing's eHandbook: Manufacturing Equipment's Role in Food Safety: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Anritsu, Tuthill, Mettler-Toledo, Baldor, Tegam, Mole Master, Pentair, Bunting, Goff's Curtain Walls, and Rosedale
This Food Processing eHandbook provides the full results of their 2018 Manufacturing Outlook Survey Results, including charts not seen in the January issue of Food Processing.


- Food Processing's eHandbook: The Many Components of Plant Sanitation: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Cooper-Atkins, PSSI, Rice Lake, Tegam, and McCloud

There's more to sanitation than just being clean.  This e-handbook gives a close look at FSMA-approved equipment design, data logging, documentation, time-temperature measurements, and pest management.


- Chemical Processing's Energy Efficiency eHandbook: Achieve Better Energy Efficiency: Sponsored by Pick Heaters
This Chemical Processing eHandbook compares various energy efficiency options and the capital required to achieve savings.  Use this to make an informed decision on how to proceed.


- Food Processing's Special Report: Understanding Unique Wastewater Issues for the Food and Beverage Industry: Sponsored By Pick Heaters

Food and beverage processors are no strangers to wastewater and water treatment issues at their plants. The brewing segment of the industry faces a unique set of challenges.  This Special Report, sponsored by Pick Heaters, offers a better understanding of food processors' challenges and how they solve them using direct steam injection.

- Chemical Processing's Steam eHandbook: Strategize Your Steam Systems: Sponsored by Pick Heaters,  Armstrong and Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.
This Chemical Processing eHandbook will help you identify and apply standard best practices.
- Chemical Processing's Special Report: Scrutinize Your Steam System: Sponsored By Pick Heaters

Is your Steam System creating challenges? Are there areas you'd like to learn more about such as corrosion, flash steam, low pressure or wasted steam?  Download your copy of the Special Report to Scrutinize Your Steam System now!

- Food Processing's eHandbook: The State of Food Manufacturing in 2017: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Rice Lake, Sentry, Cooper-Atkins, Goffs, Douglas Machines, and Remco
This Food Processing eHandbook includes the full results of this year's Manufacturing Survey, including charts not seen in the January issue of Food Processing.   In addition, you'll find resources on wireless technology, pest control, data sampling, washdowns, and sanitation tools.
- Chemical Processing's Energy Efficiency eHandbook: Engage in Energy Efficiency Efforts: Sponsored by Pick Heaters, Victory Energy and Flexim
This Chemical Processing eHandbook examines some of today’s Energy Efficiency challenges and way to navigate solutions for chemical manufacturers.
- Chemical Processing's Steam eHandbook: Keep Your Cool About Steam Systems: Sponsored by Pick Heaters and Armstrong
This Chemical Processing eHandbook takes a look at how to keep your cool when things get hot in your steam system management.
- Food Processing's eHandbook: 2016 Food Safety and Manufacturing Forecast: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Cooper-Atkins, Federal Equipment, Mettler Toledo, and Sentry
This Food Processing eHandbook helps companies understand what to look out for in 2016 regarding FSMA, HACCP, and much more.
- Chemical Processing's eHandbook: Effectively Manage Energy
This Chemical Processing eHandbook takes a look at how chemicals manufacturers are meeting the energy efficiency challenge head on.
- Chemical Processing's Steam eHandbook: Take the Heat Off Your Steam System: Sponsored By Pick Heaters
This Chemical Processing eHandbook presents strategies for reducing cost associated with using and generating steam, a 4 step approach for improving efficiency and insight on heat exchanger selection criteria.
- Food Processing's eHandbook: Food and Beverage Manufacturing in 2015: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Remco Products, Mettler Toledo, and Gamajet
This Food Processing eHandbook focuses on food safety and manufacturing efficiency.
- Chemical Processing's Steam eHandbook: Best Practices for Steam Systems: Sponsored By Pick Heaters and Emerson Process Management
This Chemical Processing Steam eHandbook presents an overview, steam technologies and strategies for reducing cost associated with using and generating steam.
- Chemical Processing's eHandbook: Target Energy Efficiency: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Durr and IEDA
Rising fuel costs have a direct impact on a chemical processors' bottom line. How can chemical processors reduce their energy consumption thus reducing their cost to produce? This Chemical Processing Energy eHandbook, takes a look at global, and more local, technologies and strategies for improving energy efficiency at chemical plants including Pick Steam Injection Heating Systems.
- Food Processing's Special Report: Evaluating the 2013 R&D Teams of the Year: Sponsored By Pick Heaters

For five years Food Processing has asked their readers and web site visitors to select the R&D Teams of the Year from nominees put on their web site. This year, the selections included two nontraditional companies (AdvancePierre Foods and International Food Network) as well as a 164-year-old brand (Gorton's Seafood). Download this sponsored reprint and read what makes these R&D teams great. In addition is an article by Michael Campbell, Vice President of Food Industry Marketing & Development - Pick Heaters, Inc., Meet Your New R&D Partner - Your Equipment Manufacturer, How Equipment Manufacturers are Assisting Food Companies Improve Their Process and Products.


- PennEnergy's Technical Digest: The Benefits and Technologies of Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems for Power & Industry: Sponsored By Pick Heaters

Learn the benefits of FGD for power and industrial facilities in the evolving market, the critical need of maintenance and performance monitoring for scrubber systems, and discover some of the top technologies for improved efficiency of the most utilized FGD system available today, wet-limestone scrubbing.


- Chemical Processing's eBook: Generate Steam Savings: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Emerson Rosemount and Armstrong

Spikes in energy costs or unplanned-for capital improvement expenses can put organizations in tricky financial situations. To solve them, they often select the option with the lowest upfront cost which leads to the "pay me now or pay me later" dilemma. Over time it's discovered that these lower-priced alternatives cost much more due to higher failure rates, wasted energy and more intensive maintenance. This Chemical Processing eHandbook presents steam technologies and strategies for reducing cost associated with using and generating steam including the article DSI reduces steam consumption - A simple formula to determine steam demand with DSI heaters by Phil Sutter of Pick Heaters.


- Chemical Processing's Special Report: Jacketed Heating: Sponsored By Pick Heaters

Reactor temperature control typically is very important to product quality, production rate and operating costs whether a processor is employing continuous or batch reactors. And with many process plants currently using steam or hot water to heat jacketed devices such as tanks, kettles, dryers, reactors, glass lined vessels, or similar adaptations such as coiled tubing placed inside or outside tanks or vessels - much emphasis is placed on achieving optimized control of these processes. This special report contains various articles, including Consider Hot Water for Jacketed Heating - Hot water offers significant advantages over traditional steam-heated systems by Phil Sutter of Pick Heaters.


- Food Processing's eBook: Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Cablevey Conveyors, Gamajet, and Polyguard

Food Processing's Annual Top 100© ranks food and beverage processors based on their sales of value-added, consumer-ready goods that were processed in U.S. and Canadian facilities. eBook also includes articles on business issues that affect the largest companies in the food industry.


- Chemical Processing's Energy Efficiency eHandbook: Use Energy Effectively: Sponsored By Pick Heaters, Emerson Rosemount, and Atlas Copco

Effective energy management can help achieve more efficient use of energy without reducing production levels, product quality or employee morale, and without compromising safety and environmental standards.


- Food Processing's Special Report: Cooking Up Better Ways to Heat: Sponsored By Pick Heaters

This ancient universal in food processing can be done better, faster, cheaper. Explore various methods of heat transfer and plant equipment that can improve efficiency and result in cost savings.


- Chemical Processing's Special Report: Training Your Staff About Energy Efficiency: Sponsored By Pick Heaters

Certainly over the last few years, how plants consume energy has made an impact on that plant’s efficiency and profitability. But is everyone at your plant doing their part? From Process Engineers to Plant Managers, everyone can have a role in implementing and adhering to energy efficient practices and exploring ways to improve energy efficiency.


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