Pick Heaters Application Bulletins/Case Studies

Application Bulletins/Case Studies featuring solutions for applications in various industries.





Jacketed Kettle Application

Pet Food Application

Defrost Belt Freezers Application

Plant Hose Station Application

Nitrogen Injection into Mayonnaise Application

Pasteurization of Liquid Cheese Application

Make-up Water for Belt Pasteurizer Application

Hose Station Service (replacing Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger) Application

Hose Stations for Sanitation Application

Clean in Place Application

Nitrogen Injection System Application

Tallow Heating Application

Pickle Pasteurizer Application

Pasteurization of Soy Milk and CIP Application

Atmospheric Retort Application

Meat and Poultry Scalder Application

Corn Grain Cooking Application

Bakery Pan Cleaning Application

Pasteurizing with DSI

Starch Slurry Application

Starch Confection Application

Gelatin Candy Application

High Pressure Hot Water System



Heat/Cool Jacketed Rector Vessel Application

Clean in Place System Application

Bio-Inactivation Application

Pick Heaters for Reactor Vessel Application

BIO-kill System Application

Pre-packaged Heating System Application

Brackish Water Heater Application

Closed Loop Jacketed Blender Application

Waste Inactivation Application


Pulp and Paper

Felt Shower Application

Lime Mud Application

Starch Cooking Application

Mill Water Application

Backwashing Starch Filters Application

Hydrapulper Filling Application

Brown Stock Washing Application

Breast Roll & Fourdrinier Wire Showers Application

Paper Machine System Boil-out Application

Green Liquor Heating Application


Industrial Wastewater

Anaerobic Treatment of Organic Waste Application



Ethanol Plant Process Water Application

Where to Use Pick Heaters in an Ethanol Plant


Power Industry

Pre-heat Boiler Feed Water Application

Reverse Osmosis System Application

Limestone Slurry Application

Resin Bed Regeneration Application


General Industrial

Acid Pickling Application

Condensate Mixing Application

Industrial Laundry Application

Parts Washer Application

Tank Car Cleaning Application

Waste Grease Processing Application

Tank Car Cleaning Application



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